Ducker - Available for Android and iOS
Ducker - Available for Android and iOS


Ducker is a unique road crossing game where you have to try and progress through forever increasingly difficult obstacles while saving you baby ducks, simple! Collect the coins and unlock new animals. You can play as either Ducker or Doggie, but we have some new animals coming soon. Download Ducker now for Android and iOS. featured Ducker in their top games to try in Jan 2021 list.

QR Fighters - Scan a QR Code... Destroy the QR Code...

QR Fighters

QR Fighters turns any QR Code into a unique space invaders style shoot em up experience, every QR Code creates a different level and a different difficulty. Collect different QR Codes to create new levels, the different squares create different enemy types as well as the boss invaders. Each QR Code creates 4 levels of invaders, each with a level boss of progressing difficulty.